Electric or Hybrid - Which is right for me?

Let us take you through some meaningful information on the ins and outs of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, and their benefits for Business and Private Customers. 

Which is right for you?

Is Electric For Me?

The popularity of Electric Cars and Vans has increased dramatically in recent years, predominantly down to Government Incentives and the drive to Net Zero.  Here are some of the advantages, and disadvantages, of going electric for Companies and Private Individuals.

- Businesses 

  • The entire Lease Cost can be written off against Corporation Tax on electric vehicles.

  • The personal taxation on electric company cars is still negligible, and significantly cheaper than a Petrol or Diesel car.

  • Companies can run Salary Sacrifice schemes for employees that wouldn't normally have a company car, therefore attracting and retaining the best talent.  Talk to us, we are Salary Sacrifice Specialists!!

  • It brings positive PR to the business, with the associated benefits of running electric vehicles in terms of the social and environmental push.

- Private Individuals

The argument for a private individual going electric are not quite as much of a "no brainer" as for a business, as the tax incentives are not there.  But even with the high energy prices currently, a driver will still save a lot of money if they charge at home.  

  • We see lease costs on Electric vehicles becoming much more affordable for Private Individuals, and we are here to ensure our clients get the best deal!

  • With the bulk ordering power of our network, we can get private individuals discounts similar to those enjoyed by businesses.

  • Depending on the type of driving an individual does, going electric and leaving the house each day with a full charge just makes life easy!

  • We can even organise a Home Charger Installation for you.

Hybrid Vehicles - Surely the best Compromise?

There are different types of Hybrid Vehicle.  In summary, you have a "Self Charging Hybrid", this has a small battery, which works in conjunction with the engine.  The car decides when best to use full electric, and when bets to use the engine.  This typically results in the car pulling away in electric, and using the engine at higher speeds.  Cars such as Toyota Prius and Yaris and Honda Jazz use this method.

You then have "Plug in Hybrids".  These benefit from larger batteries that you plug in to charge, and as such they can do more of the mileage on electric only.  These models are gaining popularity, and are viewed as a "best of both worlds" solution by many.  Cars such as the Toyota RAV4 PHEV or BMW 330e are popular "plug ins".

- Business

Businesses can benefit from leasing Hybrid Vehicles, particularly Plug In Hybrid Vehicles, as there are Government incentives for doing so.

  • Advantages in Write Down Allowance compared to a Petrol or Diesel car.

  • Significantly kinder Company Car Tax rates than conventionally powered vehicles.  With the biggest advantages coming for cars that do the most mileage on Electric Only power, please contact us for a demonstration of this! 

  • These vehicles offer more practicality and less "range anxiety" than fully electric cars, which in turn can make them better for business use.

- Private Individuals

The Hybrid model is actually regarded as the "Silver Bullet" for private individuals by many Industry Experts.

  • Generally cheaper to lease than fully electric cars.

  • Many of these vehicles can do an individuals daily driving on fully electric power, no problem.  Saving the driver money.  However, they can then be used for the family holiday or longer trips with almost no compromises.  

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